I’m exhausted but I “Can’t Sleep”.  There’s too much work to be done in our communities, we are on the brink of annihilation if we don’t band together, come together and stand up for our rights as a black community – as human beings.

Stay tuned….coming soon the debut of Can’t Sleep by Assata Afua


Can’t sleep
Cause I’m longing for a collective agency
For a black revolution
An active movement
A charge
A call to arms
To action
Let’s sit in
…stand up
…stand tall
…shout loud
…push back
…fight back
Revolt for what’s right
Against this constant struggle
For equality and justice
Or there will be no peace!!….

The New Black Movement!


“People ask why…

“People ask why I am so quiet, I quickly reply…It’s no use talking unless people understand what you say.” -Zora Neal Hurston

I have always been known as a thinker, never really opening up and expressing my feelings or thoughts verbally.  Not until I read this quote did I understand how I really felt about words that weren’t written down on paper.  Speaking aloud often came across as condescending to most.  Often times people just didn’t understand the words that I used.  I slowly began to deviate from talking to people and reverted to writing things down- giving people the opportunity to take their time, digest my words and look them up if needed.  I became expressionless – I didn’t like how that made me feel.  So now I express myself verbally-taking no prisoners and apologizing to none for my intelligence!  To equivocate my intelligence is no longer an option.