Continued Heartache in the Black Community


Candlelight Vigil held at Barclay Center in Brooklyn, NY Photo by Stephanie Strickland

When will the heartache subside?  Will my people ever be safe? Year after year, month after month and minute after minute these senseless killings of members of the black community continue.

A week ago another senseless killing occurred in Charleston, South Carolina. The killing of 9 black members of the Emanuel AME African Methodist Episcopal Church. In an almost eery resemblance of times past, this historic structure continues to be engulfed by racism, bigotry and hate dating back hundreds of years.  In the late 1700s Emanuel AME  church was started by blacks and slaves. Denmark Vesey organized and stood for the right for blacks to not only organize but congregate together for pray, only for racist bigotry to burn the church down and execute many members including Vesey. Today the challenges and plight of black people has not progressed as much as we would hope.

This is evident with the murder of 9 innocent people of the black community at the hands of a white racist.  Race crimes are on the rise in recent years and with the influx of police brutality targeted towards the black community you have to ask yourself, how far have we actually come and where do we go from here? Rev. Clementa Pinckney and the other 8 members suffered the same fate as Vesey and the 34 that were executed at Emanuel AME so many years ago.  History is coming full circle for the black community. And the question remains – where do we go from here?

No one seems to have any answers on how to keep the members of  black communities safe from systematic annihilation. No one seems to have the pulse on a community that is running around in circles, continually protesting, continually marching, continually praying, continually mourning, continually burying loved ones and as we have for hundreds and hundreds of years – continually live in fear for our lives as blacks and fear for the lives of our loved ones – sadly with no reprieve in sight.

The weight of the black community is heavy right now and I am not sure who can carry that burden on their shoulders. One thing is clear – we can’t go much longer the way things are.

Black Lives Matter!