The Struggle is Real and Continues!



As we await the grand jury decision in the unlawful chokehold and murder of 43 year old, Eric Garner in Staten Island, NY as well as the decision to formally charge the officer who shot and killed 18 year old, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, we must remain vigilant in standing up and speaking out for justice.  The stall tactics in both these cases are fueled by a desire to calm the masses and lessen the outrage of these horrendous crimes.  Please understand that the struggle is real and it continues.  Let’s not become weary nor complacent. These black men and so many others should not die in vain!



3 responses to “The Struggle is Real and Continues!

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  2. This was a thug that robbed a store and threatened a police officers life. Black people kill black people all of the time. The only variable was that the police officer was white. This makes this entire situation racist against whites. The ignorance that has started all of this empty racist chatter is embarrassing for America. You should be ashamed for participating. You sound so dumb!!!!!

    • Cody,
      Thanks for your response. This is actually not a black and white issue – it is an excessive force issue. If an individual of any race commits a non violent crime, does not have a weapon and puts his hands up in concession he should be hand cuffed put in the police car and arrested NOT shot multiple times. I don’t feel like your comments are dumb I just believe that you are oblivious to the facts. I feel that your fear of the truth shows in your comment and your only defense is to call names rather than have an open and honest conversation. This is an adult forum calling someone dumb will not make your point for you.

      But again I appreciate your comments.

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