Photoblogaphy: Dreams

Growing up I often felt that culturally there were limits to the things I could do and places I could go. A young black girl situated in poverty couldn’t fatham having the opportunities to visit those amazing places that she read about in her favorite books. Limitations were instilled into my very being early on in life. For a young black girl living in New York’s inner city – most roads were closed in my eyes. I thought I’d never step beyond those barriers and make my way down an international street that offered a plethora of new information, foreign culture and experience.

Life's Obstacles

LIFE’S OBSTACLES: New York                                                  (Photo by Stephanie Strickland)

What an amazing thing determination can be.  I kept reading those books and kept dreaming about walks down narrow Italian streets in Rome, Italy. I daydreamed about emerging myself into other cultures. The thought of being engulfed by the differences and amazed by the similarities fueled me and gave me an overwhelming hunger for traveling.  I pinched and saved every spare dollar.  Refused that pair of shoes on pay day; brought my lunch to work day after day. Finally; I was in the air on my way to Rome.  A black girl with a dream created a black woman with an amazing experience.  Dream big and never be afraid to make your dreams comes true!

My Road Traveled

ROAD WORTH TRAVELING: Italy                                          (Photo by Stephanie Strickland)


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