“People ask why…

“People ask why I am so quiet, I quickly reply…It’s no use talking unless people understand what you say.” -Zora Neal Hurston

I have always been known as a thinker, never really opening up and expressing my feelings or thoughts verbally.  Not until I read this quote did I understand how I really felt about words that weren’t written down on paper.  Speaking aloud often came across as condescending to most.  Often times people just didn’t understand the words that I used.  I slowly began to deviate from talking to people and reverted to writing things down- giving people the opportunity to take their time, digest my words and look them up if needed.  I became expressionless – I didn’t like how that made me feel.  So now I express myself verbally-taking no prisoners and apologizing to none for my intelligence!  To equivocate my intelligence is no longer an option.


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